When it comes to NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE™ Pet Food, we’re committed to providing pets with high quality nutrition that nature has on offer. Mars Incorporated is a leader in natural pet food with exceptional nutrition, taste and quality. We assemble each batch ourselves, 100% prepared in our own Australian facilities, to ensure that all of what we know goes into  NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE pet food. This includes only high quality natural ingredients, fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, to create a natural food that delivers premium nutrition tailored to your pets’ unique needs, whether it be size, life stage or health condition.


Good, wholesome nutrition:

NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE products include many of the ingredients that you'd find in a typical Australian kitchen. Ingredients such as chicken, Tasmanian salmon, Australian and /or New Zealand lamb, wholesome rice, and sunflower oil – just good, wholesome ingredients for good wholesome nutrition. That's why when you buy NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE, you can be satisfied that it contains everything that your pet needs…and nothing they don't.

Ingredient Integrity:

NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE is committed to using only the very best quality ingredients available. We have a dedicated quality control team who source all of the ingredients, based on freshness and quality. These quality checks continue before, during and after the product is made. Our commitment to quality and ingredient integrity is what makes NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE taste as good as though it was prepared at home – with the peace of mind that comes with 80 years of experience.

Simple yet high performing recipes:

Most pet foods on the market have complex ingredient panels, with many ingredients you may not have heard of. Take a closer look at a bag of NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE. You'll find only wholesome ingredients such as chicken, rice, vitamins and minerals. Having simple recipes doesn't mean that we sacrifice on performance. In fact, the opposite is true. Due to such careful selection of only the finest ingredients, NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE has exceptional digestibility results for less backyard waste.

Australian Made:

NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE products are proudly Australian made. The benefits of an Australian-made product are plentiful, including supporting local farmers, the economy, high quality ingredients and a fresher product. As we manufacture locally, transportation, including shipping, is drastically reduced. This ensures that our carbon footprint is lower than imported products. Another key benefit is simply the peace of mind that an Australian-made product provides.

Supporting Locals:

The sourcing of ingredients from local industry and strict specifications ensures our ingredients are always fresh, whilst supporting Australian manufacturing and jobs. An example of our commitment to a local industry  is that our salmon is farmed in Tasmania and is not fished from wild stocks.

Natural Formulations:

The moment fats or oils come into contact with oxygen, they begin to lose their nutritional value and flavour. We have taken special care to preserve the freshness of NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE with the use of natural antioxidants, which slows this process. A special proprietary blend of mixed Tocopherols (natural Vitamin E) and rosemary extract is added to each formula. NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE has no added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.